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Welcome to Cash Converters Logbook Loans

Why you should Choose Cash Converters Logbook Loans

With many years of service delivery and best rates that we offer, we are regarded as the best on the logbook loan lenders throughout the United Kingdom. Our highly experienced, customer friendly and competent personnel who have the interest of our customers at heart, will stop at nothing while ensuring your satisfaction.

Unlike our competitors who will single out some of their clients, our company takes pride in taking through our customers, throughout the application process if need be. Our application process is also as easy and anyone can comfortably do it without much guidance.

What to consider before you start your application process

In order to make sure that your loan takes the shortest time possible to materialize, it is important for our esteemed customer to ensure that they comply with the following requirements.

You must be of age 18 and above and own your own car.

Your car should not be older than 10 years, unless it is luxurious or a classic one.

Check that your car is insured.

Having a UK bank account is an added advantage.

Check that you are able to repay your loan by demonstrating that you have a steady income. In the event that you are not able to have this and you fail to service your loan, you may risk having your vehicle to be repossessed.

Doing this application, confirms that you agree for your car to be secured through the bill of sale that gives us the legal entitlement until you repay the loan.

The application form can be gotten here, online anytime. You can fill it up and submit it directly. Alternatively, you can download it as well, fill it up by hand, and drop it in our offices throughout the United Kingdom. When doing this either way, make sure you fill all the blank spaces provided accurately to avoid any inconveniences or lateness in processing your loan.

Alternatively, you can walk into any of our company offices and ask our attendants to help you fill it in correctly. Hitting ‘Submit’ while you are doing it online, implies that you have agreed to all the terms and conditions set by our company.

What makes our services stand out?

Truth be told. With the overwhelming applications that we receive daily, 1000+ people coming to us daily cannot all be wrong. Our services beat the rest of them throughout United Kingdom by our expertise, structure of our business, simplicity of our website navigation and the speed in which we disburse cash.

Our guidelines too are simple, easy to read and understand, and straight forward. We have no hidden charges and our customer support saves the day.

We also attribute our success to our openness in our transactions, having the interest our customers at heart and professionalism in recruiting only the best fit to work in our company. For more information on our services, you can call, text, write or even walk into any of our branches and you will always get the help you need.